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artist statement

So this is the place where I’m supposed to have a smart, well-written, pithy artist statement full of carefully crafted yet effortless phrases. We are told the perfect artist statement is crucial to success. Like many artists diligently following the advice of these all-knowing, art-world gatekeepers I worked hard on what I thought was the perfect expression of why I create what you see on my website. I searched my heart and found the words to lay it bare. I was sincerely proud of it and simultaneously a little embarrassed at my candor. And as far as I know no one ever read it. At least no one ever revealed to me they were moved or inspired by my words.  


Therefore, I have declared my independence from the tyranny of the perfect artist statement. I'm not a writer. I create work. The work and the reasons evolve. I probably can't explain much of what I do anyway as it springs from a lifetime spent as a somewhat bewildered square peg.  If you want to know more just get in touch and I will be happy to share. I hope you love the work as much as I do. It would be fantastic if you purchase something I made, or at least share it with others. Best wishes!

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